Tax Representation private persons

Costs that pay off - Save time and money by using our tax representation service


With our tax representation service, all the documents from the tax authorities will be sent to us and we take care of them:

  • We check your documents and take action if necessary
  • We inform you by email about the current status of your taxes
  • We forward you the corresponding documents for your records
  • We check your tax invoices
  • We file the extension of the deadline for submitting your tax return
  • We answer your questions regarding your taxes

If you like to use our tax representation service, the only thing that we would need is a signed power of attorney, so that we can receive your tax documents and also sign your tax return for you.


Price CHF 220.- per calendar year

The basic price for the tax representation is CHF 220.- (excl. VAT) per calendar year.


This price includes 2 hours for administrative work (e.g. processing of the correspondence from the tax authorities) *.


* Normally, this is more than enough time. But in some special cases, it can happen that more time is necessary, e.g. in case that an objection against the tax invoice will become necessary. To cover such extra work for us, an additional hour would cost CHF 110.- extra.


Your benefits - our strenghts

  • We are your reliable partner - your taxes are in good hands with us
  • We keep you informed fast and trustworthily
  • We treat your information and documents absolutely confidential
  • We are efficient and unbureaucratic

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